Welcome to the April--June Project. The theme for this project will be "Self Portrait." The painting you submit must be painted specifically for this project and be watermedia. Submit your images to me via email or snail mail. Send title, size, and comments about the paintings and painting process. Let me know if it is OK to link your email address when I add your image to the project page. The project end date is June 30, 2006.

The images on this page are protected by copyright law. Any use without the expressed consent of the artist is prohibited!!!

Carol Carter

"Self Portrait"

Size is 22" x 30"

Carol's Web Site

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Penny Thompson


This was a very challenging assignment, as this painting does not look a lot like me. I think I left out a few wrinkles! This protrait is 8 X 10 " on 130lb arches paper.

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Jesus Roybal


Size is 6" x 8"

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Peg Lovelace


After viewing your web site, I decided to join in on the watercolor project. A year ago, I graduated with my art teaching credential and this painting is from a photo of that day. In the meantime, I have been able to concentrate on improving myself as an artist. So it was great to have a project to complete last week. There is always so much to learn; it seems to never end.

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Fran Grilli


Labored over this and was about to chuck it when my granddaughter recognized me in the painting. So here it is on Arches, CP, 140 lb, 7" x 10", Holbein and Schmincke paints, Raw Sienna and Vermilion for the flesh and washes of Ultramarine Blue for the shadows.

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Steve Hughes

"Looks Just Like Him"

I've never aspired to be a portrait artist so this was very hard as well as intimidating as my wife is a great acrylic portrait artist. I welcome any comments/critiques (except from her). I painted this wet on wet (except for the hair) on 140# Cold Pressed Lanaquarelle paper with Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, and drops of Cobalt Blue. Payne's Grey for the hair. 9x12.

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Nancy Dozier


I have been lurking around this site for quite some time and have decided to submit my self-portrait. This is the first portrait I have ever done and surprisingly it does look like me. I decided to stop and not to try to fix all the things that don't look quite right, in particular values ... don't want my first submission an unrecognizeable mud mess. 7x10 on Cartiera Magnani block with Winsor Newton watercolors, particularly Perm. Rose, Raw Sienna, Alizarin, Thalo Green and whatever else I stuck my brush in. Happy Painting.

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Georgina Jones


Best I could do I'm afraid but enjoyed the challenge so will try again. My husband thinks I look "snooty""...ha-ha! I used Winsor& Newton paper,140lb cold pressed, which was nice to work with, and various paints including WN, Daler-Rowney and Maimeriblue. Still sorting out my transparent, opaque, sedimentary, staining paints etc. I like the paints that wipe out best :o).

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Richie Gump

"Self Portrait"

Here is my second portrait not a very easy task. My hats off to the portrait artist. I used a mix of pro paints and a 300# paper that was neat in its self, no tape!

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Nina Blatt


Here is my self portrait. It's not great because I hurried it to get it done before the holidays. I am trying to get back to painting on a regular basis. Its been hard since Duane died. In July I and taking a workshop from Tom Lynch, and I am looking forward to that.

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Sherry Thurner


I've been lurking on this site for a year, but this is my first submission. My husband says it looks like me, which is amazing. This watercolor is on 300 lb, Arches paper. Some of the main colors include yellow ochre, rose madder genuine, Indian red hue, viridian, and cobalt blue.

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Carol Lois Haywood


Here's my self-portrait for this quarter's project, more a study of my current mood than a likeness. The format is 11 x 14 on 300 lb Arches cold press paper with Winsor Newton paints, mostly aureolin, quinacridone red, and cobalt turquoise.

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Charlie Morison


I think I should be able to sue someone for this effort but I don't know whom! Me? My skin tone was too yellow so I fixed it up and it looks like I have been out in the sun too long. Hey, how about a landscape for the next challenge?

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Maria Jose Barrera


Here is my self portrait. Size is 35 x 45 cm. Using Guarro paper with Rembrandt paints.

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Zan Barrage


I am sending my self portrait in this email in the nick of time I hope. I have never done portraits before, but decided after visiting your site to go ahead and try. 3 colors are all I used for this painting: permanent alizarin crimson, french ultramarine blue and yellow ochre all W&N Artist paints. It is a small 10"x7" on W&N cold pressed Paper. I used a strange technique painting this. I placed the paint and blotted it off constantly throughout the process. I was careful not to lift any paint that had dried before, but Ii wanted a light effect throughout and a purple tinge to the whole painting. I think I succeeded. Don't really like the eyes too much, they came out too harsh, but I will live with it. Anyway here it goes.

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Cindy Smith


I am a novice painter and this project really pushed me to go beyond my painting comfort zone! I painted several portraits before I settled on this one. I found Charles Reid's book 'Portrait Painting in Watercolor' very helpful and also chapters by Alex Powers in 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Watercolor'. I used Lanaquarelle HR 140lb paper, 11"x11", Ultramarine Blue and Rose Madder.

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Dorothy Wagner


I painted this on Arches 140# cold press paper with Winsor-Newton paints. It is 9 by 7 inches. This was a quick sketch. It was both fun and frustrating. Thanks for this interesting painting opportunity.

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Frank Murphy


I have attached my painting for the April-June 2006 project. The painting was done on W/N CP#140 size 12" X 10" with W/N watercolors and gouache highlights here and there. I feel the painting is a fair likeness, gray hair, lines and all.

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Maury Kettell


Portraits are always a stretch for me. I fear I waited to the last minute for this painting--and then had two disasterous attemps before finally finishing this painting last night about 8 p.m. My palette was limited to Daniel Smith Quin Rose, WN Cobalt Blue and Aureolin.

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Project Closed