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Welcome to the April-June 2013 Project. The theme for this project will be "Full Sheet." The painting you submit must be on a full sheet of watercolor paper--22" x 30". Most of my paintings are full sheet or larger, and I think that presents some problems--anyhow I find many problems. So, I wanted to see how everyone handles this--it is not for the faint of hearted--it can be complicated, but I think worthwhile. The painting you submit must be painted specifically for this project and be watermedia. Submit your images to me via email. Send title, size, and comments about the paintings and painting process. Let me know if it is OK to link your email address and your web site when I add your image to the project page. The project end date is Jun 30, 2013.


The images on this page are protected by copyright law. Any use without the expressed consent of the artist is prohibited!!!

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Cathy Geha


The painting is on Fabriano Artistico 140 pound paper using Daniel Smith watercolor paint. I decided to do something I felt comfortable with (jewelry) and then put a woven background in behind the jewelry and topped it all off with shadows.

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Paul Axtell

"North Dakota Desolate"

North Dakota Desolate; I am on a project in the North Dakota oil fields and found this country to be an excellent study for a full sheet painting.  It is cold, wide open, desolate, but beautiful. I would welcome comments.

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Maury Kettell


This is Sophie, a King Charles Cavalier. She lives with my son Mike and family, and I get to hang out with her on occasion. Been thinking about this painting for a few months, and when the full sheet project popped up, seemed like a good time to get it done.

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Deborah Holmes

"British Virgin Island Sunset"

Painted on full sheet of Artisco extra white cold press using American Journey watercolor paints.  Had to adjust my approach on the larger paper but mostly had to find room for it.  Ended up with it taped down to my tile floor.  Most projects I do fit on my art table.  It was fun though and a challenge.

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Vinayak Deshmukh

"Low Tide, Sizewell"

I do not often paint on full sheets. Half sheets are usually big enough for me. Thanks for the project. It did push me and now I feel a bit more confident. :)

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Bonnie McBride


This is the first full sheet painting I have ever done, and it took me months, it still needs tweaking.
Thanks for the challenge.

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