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Welcome to the Oct-Dec 2013 Project. The theme for this project will be "Self Portrait." The painting you submit must be painted specifically for this project and be watermedia. Submit your images to me via email. Send title, size, and comments about the paintings and painting process. Let me know if it is OK to link your email address and your web site when I add your image to the project page. The project end date is Dec 31, 2013.


The images on this page are protected by copyright law. Any use without the expressed consent of the artist is prohibited!!!

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Maury Kettell

"Rio Campl"

It is seldom that I get my project painting completed first in the group. I've done several self portraits over the years, and haven't been too happy with the results. As I was thinking about this project, I kind of had a vision of how I wanted to handle the painting. It was a "flash before your eyes" type of thing. That got me charged up, and the painting pretty much turned out the way I saw it. This is painted on Arches 140 lb., cold press. I use Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors. Size is 11" x 16".

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Vinayak Deshmukh


I have always struggled with portraits in watercolour and this project was a really good challenge. It has been done on Indian Handmade paper (14" X 10") with Camlin tube colours. I hope to make a few portraits in w/c in the future and hopefully improve a bit. :) Thanks for the opportunity and best wishes.

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